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Classmate : #2 Class – Pink Note

Classmate : #2 Class – Pink Note


CLASSMATE | by Apreelkwon
Do Kyungsoo – Ryu Sujeong | Romance – School Life – Friendship | T | Chaptered

Summary : Kyungsoo berfikir mereka hanya teman satu kelas. Tapi nyatanya, Sujeong sudah menaruh rasa sejak mereka masih tingkat pertama.

Prev : Prolog . 1 .

poster credit : Sifixo@Poster Channel

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Sometimes you gotta be BOLD, just rock the world... Boo-yah!

2 tanggapan untuk “Classmate : #2 Class – Pink Note

  1. i seldom read a fanfiction with d.o as a maincast, i read lots of fanfictions which kai,sehun,luhan or baekhyun as maincast so i anticipate this one 🙂 this fanfic makes me remember about f(x)’s album, pink tape and a song, goodbye summer which d.o takes part in it. wish it will be a pretty good story

    1. So you already read this one, Mikaela?
      but, for this one, i think i can’t post here, so maybe just reblogin ^^

      thanks for reading this one too, even thght you barely read with D.o cast,

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